Before and After Breast Augmentation Surgery
Before and After Breast Augmentation Surgery
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Are you curious about what happens before, during, and after undergoing breast enlargement surgery? If you are considering getting this potential treatment, research on this matter will make the experience as easy and comfortable for you as possible.

Preparing for Breast Augmentation

The surgeon may recommend a baseline mammogram to be done pre-surgery, along with another mammographic test a couple of months after the potential treatment has been done. This will help detect any future differences in your breast tissue. After surgery, you are also recommended to perform breast self-examination.

Smokers will be asked to quit cigarettes to prepare for the surgery. Aspirin and specific anti-inflammatory drugs may increase bleeding, therefore you should avoid taking these drugs for a particular time period before going under the knife. The surgeon will provide a list of pre-operation instructions that you should follow.

But did you know that breast enlargement is typically performed on an outpatient basis? If this is the case for you, make sure that someone will drive you home and assist you after surgery.

On the Day of the Breast Surgery Itself…

The procedure will be performed in a hospital, a free-standing ambulatory facility, or a surgical suite situated in an office. Of course, medications are administered to make you comfortable during surgery. Breast enlargement patients are given local anesthesia and intravenous sedation, although general anesthesia may be preferable for some cases.
Once surgery is done, patients will be taken to a recovery room, where the breasts operated on will be wrapped in gauze dressing or a surgical type of bra. If it’s an outpatient setup, you may be allowed to go home after a couple of hours.

What to Expect After Surgery

You should be back to your normal healthy routine – of course with some caution – a day or two after breast augmentation surgery. The dressings will be taken off after a few days, and you may be instructed to use a support bra. You may be allowed, too, to shower three to seven days after the surgical potential treatment. After a week, the stitches may already be removed.

Expect some discoloration and swelling, which will disappear quickly anyway. Within a month, most residual swelling resolves on its own. It is highly important that you follow post-surgical instructions for care. Additionally, your surgeon will reveal normal symptoms and any potential sign of complication.

It has been reported that the first two to five days after surgery will be marked by a feeling of stiffness and soreness in your chest region. You may also experience difficulty in raising your arms. Remember, it is a no-no for you to lift, push, or pull anything, engage in strenuous activities, or twist your upper body. Follow every patient care specific as directed.

Women who are targeting to increase breast size yet don’t want to go down the surgical route still have other options. Among these are self-applied breast-enhancing supplements and creams, which offer beneficial effects over time. It may take a few weeks to months for you to notice breast growth, but it may be your best bet if you are not keen on getting breast implants or expensive surgery at all.

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